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Diane Kelecom uploaded a new Document 26 April 2019

Analyse des expériences acquises et lignes directrices pour les futurs programmes européens de coopération au développement

Diane Kelecom uploaded a new Document 26 April 2019

Review of past experience and guidance for future EU development cooperation programmes 2012

24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
in Maynooth (Ireland)

Now in its 15th year, this annual IHRN training programme aims at enhancing the skills of justice sector personnel, consultants, managers etc., in applying Human Rights Based Approaches to Justice Sector Reform.  The programme is designed for people working in the justice sector (with state or no

Marc LINTS posted news 18 September 2018

Cinq feuilles de papier. Tellement vieilles qu’elles ont bruni, au point de ressembler à des papyrus. Pour les restaurer, puis les préserver, les archives nationales les ont plastifiées. Les cinq feuilles se ressemblent toutes.

Pierre Berman posted Information 21 July 2018

Last Februrary, the RNSF team focused on an innovative initiative developed by WIEGO, aiming at supporting informal workers toward a further formalization and recognition of their activities: the

Bogdan Pavel 11 April 2018

The general objective of the EuroJusticia project is to contribute to national efforts to combat the impunity of corruption and violent crimes, and to guarantee the access of the Honduran population to an efficient justice system that can be an effective, transparent and reliable, promoter of...

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Marc LINTS posted Information 23 March 2018


United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 13 March 2018

UN Environment has been undertaking work on human rights and the environment for almost two decades, trying to bring attention to the relationship between a safe and healthy environment and the enjoyment of human rights.

Pierre Berman posted Information 5 March 2018

People depending on informal economy are often operating in a sort of “legal blank” due to the lack of recognition of regular institutions and their working outside of the formal legal framework covering regular workers.