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  1. Promoting LGBTIQ Rights in India

    In various parts of the world, LGBTIQ people experience serious rights violations and abuses. As of today, 70 States continue to criminalise same-sex consensual relationships. The COVID-19 crisis has only exacerbated such discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ people. The EU integrates LGBTIQ...
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  2. Revitalising education for the COVID-19 generation

    Quality education plays an essential role in developing sustainable, equitable and resilient societies. More than being an objective in itself, education is also an enabler of equity, green communities, digital transformation, sustainable growth, migration mitigation and global peace and security.
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  3. IWRF2018-23.PPT

    水资源用途管制: 中国水权的另一个视角 报告人:李祎恒 河海大学法学院 1、管制目的 水资源用途管制不能片面强调资源的经济效益,而忽略对生态环境的保护。 2、管制内容 山水林田湖是一个生命共同体 3、管制手段 充分发挥市场和政府的作用,实现行政机制与市场机制相协调
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  4. IWRF2018-18

    河海大学法学院教授 江苏环境法学会会长 人化自然与回归自然是一体双向的互动过程,应当在时间和空间二个维度上寻找平衡态,以促进自然和社会的可持续循环及发展。江苏省及设区市涉水立法面对的问题既有共性又有个性。我国历史形成的横向主体关系、纵向主体关系及其宪法法律规范存在诸多问题,这些问题在江苏河湖立法中有不同方面和程度的体现,同时也凸显了上位法在立法主体、立法需求、立法模式、...
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