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  1. Résilience

    Le « programme de renforcement de la résilience des communautés vulnérables à l’insécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle dans les zones septentrionales au Burkina Faso » est mis en œuvre dans 04 régions (Boucle du Mouhoun, Sahel, Nord et l’Est) du Burkina Faso par 30 partenaires d’ONG regroupés...
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  2. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" Final session 5 : Joint Programming and multi-sectoral approach to tackling malnutrition

    Dear all, Monday’s start to the EC’s Seminar on The EC Nutrition Action Plan – Ensuring Quality Implementation is fast approaching! We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie at 08:30 on Monday morning. But we also hope to see many of you on Sunday evening. Below...
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  3. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" session 4 : Day 3 reading plus resources on Fortification

    This week, we would like to share with you some pre-reading for Day 3 of the Seminar, Wednesday 21 March: We have two background papers for you: 1. Your guide to the EU External Investment Plan https://ec.europa.eu/commission/sites/beta-political/files/external-investment-plan-guide-nov17_en.pdf 2...
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  4. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" session 3 : assessing results

    This week, we would like to share with you an online resource that is the only reading we consider as essential pre-reading for our discussions on Day 2. Entitled EC Nutrition Security and Enhancement: Assessing Results, it is a short document, but provides an important framing for our discussions...
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  5. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" session 2 : comprehensive understanding of ‘malnutrition’

    This week, we would like to draw your attention to material that will inform the discussions on Day 1, Monday 19 March. The day's agenda flows from a strong grounding in a comprehensive understanding of ‘malnutrition’, that encompasses stunting, wasting, micronutrient deficiencies and overweight/...
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  6. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "pre-loading" session 1 : how are we tackling undernutrition ?

    Nutrition Seminar: The European Commission's Action Plan on Nutrition – Ensuring Quality Implementation What you can expect Dear Participants, We very much look forward to welcoming you to our seminar – now only 5 weeks away! We are delighted by the level of interest shown in this event: from EU...
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  7. Seminar on nutrition 19-21 March 2018 "The EC APN – Ensuring Quality Implementation"

    Image : Burundi, Rumonge, 13/12/2010 - A farmer woman consulting with an instructor in a Farmer Field School garden - Source : FAO/Giulio Napolitano The European Commission is organising a seminar on Nutrition entitled “The EU Action Plan on Nutrition: Ensuring Quality Implementation” and which...
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