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  1. Evaluation of EU support to Research and Innovation for development in partner countries (2007-2013)

    Published in May 2016, this four volume evaluation repor t, produced by ECDPM, examines DG DEVCO's support to Research and Innovation (R&I) in partner countries during the last EU budget period (2007-2013). The main report considers that during these years DEVCO did not have an explicit policy...
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  2. The impact of climate change on costs of food and people exposed to hunger at subnational scale

    Published by the Postdam Institute in October 2015 and funded by the World Bank, this study analyses climate change impacts on agriculture and potential implications for the occurrence of hunger under different socioeconomic scenarios for 2030, focusing on the world regions most affected by poverty...
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  3. Africa-EU research collaboration on food security: a critical analysis of the scope, coordination and uptake of findings

    Published in July 2015, this report showcases the key findings from an analysis of research cooperation between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa (EU-SSA). The analysis was conducted within the framework of the CAAST-Net Plus project. It investigates two issues: first, the extent to which joint EU-SSA...
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  4. Using Mobile Phone Data and Airtime Credit Purchases to Estimate Food Security

    A new UN Global Pulse study in collaboration with WFP, Universite Catholique de Louvan and Real Impact Analytics identifies airtime credit purchases (i.e. phone credit "topups") as realtime proxy...
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  5. Exploring gender perceptions of resource ownership and their implications for food security among rural livestock owners in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua

    This article , published in February 2105 in the journal Agriculture & Food Security and written by a team of CGIAR authors, considers that productive resources are essential to the livelihoods and food security of the world’s rural poor. Gender-equal ownership of resources is considered key to...
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