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  1. RAIZ

    RAIZ: Resilience Building through Agroecological Intensification in Zimbabwe Objectives of the Project : The overall objective is to develop and implement in Zimbabwe scientifically tested agroecological approaches to enhance agricultural production and resilience to climate change, while...
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    WATDEV: Climate Smart WAT er Management and Sustainable DEV elopment for Food and Agriculture in East Africa Objectives of the project : The overarching objective of the project is to increase the sustainability of agricultural water management and resilience of agro-ecosystems to climate change in...
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    OBSYDYA : Observatoire pilote des paysages et des dynamiques agricoles du Bénin Objectives of the project : The scientific objective is to explore and operationalize the possibilities offered by the current supply of satellite images to produce new indicators (regular and inexpensive) and maps of...
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  4. Open for Business: Pathways to Strengthen CGIAR's Responsible Engagement with the Private Sector (2022)

    This report aims to identify, discuss and evaluate pathways for strengthening collaboration between CGIAR and the private sector to stimulate innovation and the scaling of these innovations in food,...
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