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Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 24 June 2019

This month's featured activities: Belize: EU support for the Sustainable Energy Roadmap/ Philippines: Renewable Energy Expansion under ‘ElectriFI’/ Ethiopia: Mini-Grid Pre-Feasibility Studies/ SADC: Innovation and Energy Efficien

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 18 June 2019

This month: TAF Exploring Innovative Digital Energy Solutions - New Action Document on Energy-Digital Nexus/ Central Asia: Regional Sustainable Energy Cooperation/ Laos: Nationwide Emergency Dams Safety Inspection/ Palestine:

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 18 April 2019

Featured TAF activities: Bangladesh: New 35 M Eur ElectriFi Window; Myanmar: Renewable Energy Landscape; Africa: Africa-wide Guidelines Promoting Energy Efficiency

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 28 January 2019

Explore the TAF this month: The Gambia: Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems for Schools and Health Facilities/ Med region: Programming Actions for Energy Efficiency across the Mediterranean/ The Philippines: Assessment of the Market Potential for Ren

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 21 December 2018

Recent TAF activities: Africa: Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Labelling for the African Continent/ Thailand: Solar PVs, a bright spot for Thailand’s RE market/ Burkina Faso: An interactive tool for Rural Electrification.

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 21 November 2018

This month's TAF activities: African Union Commission: Harmonising Continental Transmission Tariffs; SADC region: Energy Efficiency Programme to boost SADC’s industrial players; Vietnam: Energy Partnership Group marks 1-year anniversary.

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 19 September 2018

TAF activities this month: Kazakhstan: Hard-Talk Event on Renewable Energy Policy/ Global: Improving the implementation of Hybrid Power System/ ElectriFI: Bridging the finance gap between equity and commercial loans for energy projects

TRANSrisk Transition Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies uploaded a new Document 31 July 2018

The latest TRANSrisk newsletter features TRANSrisk Upcoming Events, Video, and articles regarding identifying innovation policy options in transition pathways.


Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 16 July 2018

Exploring Digital Solutions for Energy Access; Palestine: Identification and Preparation of EU Intervention in the Energy Sector (2017-2020); Reducing Energy Costs in Public Buildings of IOC Member States; New Publication: Energy Saving in Zambian Public Buildings and Industries.

Eleni KARFAKI uploaded a new Document 20 June 2018

This month's topics: Vietnam: Energy Information System for Evidence-Based Energy Policies; Angola: PPA Model to Mitigate Risks, Improve Business Environment for Private RE Developers; Botswana: Energy Planning with Quality Statistics; Ca