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Herman Portocarero became the EU's first fully-fledged ambassador to Cuba in July 2012. In Havana he oversees development cooperation as well as political, trade and investment links. He spoke to Capacity4dev shortly before the EU and Cuba signed a Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, a new legal framework which aims to support the transition process of the Cuban economy and society. 
Gian Paolo de Pinto 15 March 2016

The overall objective of the TradeCom II Programme is to contribute to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in ACP countries through closer regional integration and increased participation in the global economy.

The Programme’s implementation strategy will facilitate the...

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Michel Jambou 24 April 2015

The GCCA Intra-ACP programme supports members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) to tackle climate change as a challenge to their development. We work towards this goal by offering ...

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Raul San Roman Otegi 25 March 2015

Several development cooperation organizations unite and launch the campaign For a Glass of Water!

NZV (Groningen Regional Water Authority), CORDAID (The Netherlands), ACRA-CCS (Italy), Fons Catalá (Catalonia) and Euskal Fondoa (The Basque Country) unite in this campaign...

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José R. Hilera posted Information 13 February 2015


 El proyecto ESVIAL ha publicado este libro electrónico sobre accesibilidad.

Carlos Alberto Vigil Taquechel posted Information 17 November 2014

Presentación en la que se abordan las principales oportunidades que el Programa Erasmus+ ofrece para las universidades de América Latina.

Carlos Alberto Vigil Taquechel posted Information 10 November 2014
Ebook “Una mirada iberoamericana de la internacionalización universitaria” que reúne una selección de 10 artículos publicados en el blog "El camino empedrado de la excelencia".
United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 18 September 2014

Havana, 17 September 2014 - From combatting desertification and drought, to disaster preparedness, and the better management of natural resources and protected areas, Cuba is well on its way to implementing the Small Island Developing States Accelerated Modalities of Action (S.A.

Diane Fromage uploaded a new Document 18 September 2014

Este es el manual sobre la protección multinivel de los Derechos Humanos producido por la Red DHES en versión portuguesa. 

Todos los materiales de la Red DHES se encuentran disponibles para su libre descarga aquí: