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  1. (2019) Study on Shock Responsive Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean: Summary of key findings and policy recommendations

    This study discusses evidence to inform practice for improved emergency preparedness and response in LAC, linked to more flexible national social protection systems. The focus is on national social...
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  2. Programa EUROsociAL+

    EUROsociAL+ pretende consolidar un espacio de diálogo euro-latinoamericano de políticas públicas en torno a la cohesión social. Es un programa de cooperación horizontal, institucional y de carácter regional: moviliza el expertise público europeo y latinoamericano en un ejercicio de aprendizaje...
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    Ongoing project owned by EUROsociAL 8 March 2019
  3. Clear Cotton project seeks halt to child labour in West Africa and Pakistan

    A workshop held on Universal Children’s Day marked the launch of the Clear Cotton project . The project aims to help eliminate child labour and forced labour in the cotton, textile and garment value chains and will focus on three big cotton-producing countries - Burkina Faso, Mali and Pakistan -...
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