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  1. Serie Global Gateway: Educación digital en África Oriental

    La educación digital puede ser un poderoso proveedor de igualdad, desarrollo personal y paz, especialmente en las regiones en conflicto. Entrevistamos a los equipos que hay detrás de dos programas de cooperación internacional con impresionantes logros en e-learning, presentados durante las Jornadas...
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  2. Global Gateway Series : L'éducation numérique en Afrique de l'Est

    L'éducation numérique peut être un puissant vecteur d'égalité, de développement personnel et de paix, notamment dans les régions en conflit. Nous avons interviewé les équipes à l'origine de deux programmes de coopération internationale aux réalisations impressionnantes en matière d...
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  3. Global Gateway Series: Digital education in East Africa

    Digital education can be a powerful purveyor of equality, personal development and peace, especially in conflict regions. We interviewed the teams behind two international cooperation programmes with impressive achievements in e-learning, showcased during the 2022 European Development Days.
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  4. Migration management in Eastern and Southern Africa during COVID-19

    Migration and development go hand in hand. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to overcome adversity and improve their economic and social conditions by moving to other places. Modern communication and transportation have increased the opportunities to move, but COVID-19 has challenged...
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  5. WFP (2019) Somalia Databases and Beneficiary Registries for Cash Transfer Programming An Overview of the Beneficiary Registration and Data Management Practices of NGOs, UN and Government in Somalia

    Funded by an ECHO grant on social protection in fragile contexts, WFP commissioned this small study to take stock of the beneficiary registration practices and systems being used by the main...
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