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  1. Business models for Climate Smart Agriculture: preliminary findings of the OSMARE Research Project, Eastern and Southern Africa

    Published on the Food and Business Knowledge Platform on 19 August 2019, a factsheet showing the preliminary results of the Organizing business models for SMAllholder REsilience (OSMARE) Programme demonstrates that: Farmers and their business partners realize that climatic conditions are rapidly...
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  2. Volunteering in Africa Inspires Action Closer to Home in Romania

    After volunteering on a house-building project in Malawi, Tina Cretu has a whole new perspective on development and how she can actively contribute to positive change both internationally and in her home country of Romania. Tina won over doubtful parents and sceptical work colleagues to raise funds...
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  3. Stuart, G., Ferguson, M. & Cohen, M., 2011, Microfinance & Gender: Some Findings from the Financial Diaries in Malawi, Final project/program report, Microfinance Opportunities, Washington.

    2.3 Direct actions in communities 2.3.5 Micro finance Recommendation : 1. Take into account substantial insights that can affect microfinance provision success: Provision of a broad range of micro...
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