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  1. DiversiNEET

    DiversiNEET is KA2 Strategic Partnership exchange of good practies in the field of Youth lead by Asociación PROJUVEN. The other 2 leading partners are GUS Italia and Antigone. Background by September 2016, Europe has experienced over 1.1 million refugees, displaced persons and other migrants...
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  2. DEAR Programme Video Launch: Campaigning and Advocacy

    The DEAR programme has developed a new video that explains how DEAR projects engage European citizens for social change using campaigning and advocacy approaches. You can download the video using the link below in 16x9 or square format, with English soundtrack and English subtitles -> D OWNLOAD...
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  3. Corrupt officials, an essential link in human trafficking.

    When Ana María, a minor, gave birth in the hospital, the health personnel notified her relatives and contacted the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the circumstances of her pregnancy. Her baby was very sick when it was born as a result of the syphilis from which she suffered. Ana María kept quiet...
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  4. Corruption and Gender series: Vulnerability, corruption and human trafficking – links in the same criminal chain.

    Corruption of public officials linked to the phenomenon of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation can take place throughout the entire criminal chain – at the place of origin or recruitment of women, during transit and at destination – but also within the justice and victim protection...
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