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  1. Household timber producers supported through the iTwood traceability system

    Household plantations in Viet Nam manage approximately 3.69 million hectares of plantation forests. Plantations are a central part of an extensive reforestation programme in which Viet Nam has embarked on, committed to planting 1 billion trees nationwide by 2025. Plantations also represent an...
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  2. Local heroes protecting the world’s biodiversity hotspots

    Small, local conservation organisations in high-biodiversity areas are among nature’s most powerful allies; this is mainly due to their knowledge of and influence over the environment. However, in most cases, these organisations lack sufficient funding to achieve their full potential. The EU and...
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  3. Special report: Mekong countries are opening up decision-making processes on forest governance to civil society

    RECOFTC releases a new report on how five Mekong countries are opening up decision-making processes to civil society as they reform policies and laws governing forests. Their participation is essential because policies and laws are more likely to be effective if the people they affect have a say in...
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  4. Policy dialogue: a tool to act on climate and environment

    The recent European Green Deal, set by the European Commission, is paving the road to a sustainable Europe by clearly recognising the global climate emergency, and by providing new input for action in and outside of Europe. European Union Delegations did not wait for this impetus to support local...
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