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  1. Guiding and Integrating a Sustainable Economic Revitalization of Local Communities Dependent on the long-term Stewardship of Lake Hovsgol National Park - GNF, Mongolia

    SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Capacity strengthening of government and civil society organisations, including on micro-finance (1.9) PROJECT NAME: Guiding and Integrating a Sustainable Economic...
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  2. Informal Economy and rural development: from subsistence agriculture to value chain.

    Rural population depending on agricultural activities in remote areas are usually belonging to the informal sector because of the low level of formalization of the production means, absence of formal and legally recognized business entity, … This lack of formalization is also one of the causes of...
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  3. Financial support to informal MSMEs, the case of financial and business development services in Mongolia.

    Access to credit is of fundamental importance in the development and sustainability of an entrepreneurial project. In the Informal Economy, this is even more acute since informal microenterprises do not benefit from the necessary recognition and strength to be able to finance themselves on the...
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