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  1. DEAR STUDY 2010

    During 2010 the European Commission initiated a study into Development Education and Awareness Raising in EU Member States. The study led to the publication of three documents that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: The Final Report: providing an overview of the study and...
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  2. Carr, R. M., and Hartl, M., 2010, Lightening the Load: Labour-saving technologies and practices for rural women

    2.4 APPROACHES TO ENHANCE LIVELIHOODS, EQUITY AND INCLUSION 2.4.5. Strengthening IE with attention to gender issues Recommendation: 32) A gender-aware approach about labour saving technologies and on...
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  3. Bernard, T., D.J. Spielman, A. S. Taffesse, & E. Gabre-Madhin, 2010, Cooperatives for Staple Crop Marketing: Evidence from Ethiopia, Impact evaluation, Research Monographs, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC.

    2.3 DIRECT ACTIONS IN COMMUNITIES 2.3.4. Leadership, life skills, empowerment training, literacy/numeracy Recommendation : 1. Promote group formation in producer organisations (PO). Smallholders...
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