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  1. 1. The VCA4D Methodology

    The EC/INTPA is involved in supporting investment projects and policy dialogue (through budget support or other assistance schemes) to enhance sustainable development in agriculture and favour a Green Deal. Agri-based Value Chains (VC) are a major channel for agricultural development and for food...
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  2. VIRTUAL EVENT: New Strategies to Promote Inclusion and Transparency in Aquaculture Management in West Africa

    14-16 May 2021 in Ghana. 2021 Aquaculture Conference in West Africa (WASACWAR) hosted by the Chamber of Aquaculture Ghana, with a hybrid event. The conference aims to look for a strategy to improve aquaculture governance for the region. There is a huge policy gap in aquaculture in West Africa that...
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  3. WEBINAR: European Commission Discussion of IFPRI’s 2021 Global Food Policy Report

    13 May 2021. In the 2021 Global Food Policy Report , IFPRI researchers and experts explore the impacts of the pandemic and government policy responses to date, particularly for the poor and disadvantaged, and consider what it all means for transforming our food systems to be healthy, resilient,...
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