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ROM Handbook - V.6.1 June 2020

The Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) system supports DG DEVCO and DG NEAR Headquarters as well as EU Delegations in their internal monitoring and reporting functions, through independent and external services provided at different moments during the project cycle.

This Handbook presents the rules, modalities, specifications and quality standards for all ROM services. It is prepared by Units DEVCO 04 (Evaluation and Results) and NEAR A4 (Multi-annual financial framework, Programming and Evaluation), also referred to as “the ROM Coordination Units”, with contributions by thematic and geographic units in both DGs.

It replaces in full the ROM Handbook edition of October 2018.

The primary intended users of this Handbook are ROM Contractors, ROM Experts, and Commission staff managing interventions that benefit from ROM services.

This 2020 version of the Handbook introduces:

  • New processes and services to be implemented by ROM Contractors 
  • Up-to-date monitoring and reporting templates with methodological guidance
  • Procedures and methodology for ROM reviews on blending operations
  • Standards for enhanced support at design stage

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10 March 2021

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