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5. RNSF research volumes

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Alessio Lupi5 December 2018


This section contains the full list and a description of the nine volumes of research produced by the RNSF team. Namely:

  • A reference guide to the outputs of the RNSF research. RNSF Research Volume 1
  • Theories and concepts around the Informal Economy and related topics. RNSF Research Volume 2
  • Approaches and recommendations from institutions and worldwide stakeholders working on the topic of the Informal Economy.  RNSF Research Volume 3 and Volume 4.2
  • Good practices and lessons learned arising from the projects supervised by the RNSF team as well as from other projects on the informal economy funded by the European Commission and other funding institutions worldwide. RNSF Research Volume 4.1, Volume 4.3 and Volume 4.4
  • Monographies on Key Topics that combine theoretical analysis, presentation of successful cases, and recommendations. RNSF Research Volume 5 and Volume 6



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