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2.2 Decent work and enterprise growth

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Alessio Lupi11 May 2018

Principal research question: What key elements were proven to contribute to successful formalisation of growth oriented informal economy enterprises and that help ensure informal economy decent work conditions?

Summary of Recommendations on Decent Work and Enterprise Growth

1. Support clear, transparent and inclusive formalisation processes with individual and groups of people in the IE. Ensure tailor made formalisation strategies that are in line with the local realities.

2. Promote and smooth access to relevant services that support people dependent on the IE. Include dissemination of information on available services to service providers and people dependent on the IE.  Support the development of results-based management tracking and quality of access to services.

3. Based monitoring to measure extent of use of services.

4. Support strengthening of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) provisions for people dependent on the IE and ensure their awareness of such provisions. Include making of business case for OSH in the IE with national to community level stakeholders.

5. Ensure that analysis of environmental sustainability is included as a cross cutting consideration in the design of all projects and/or programmes on the IE.  Promote green jobs in the IE and ensure good articulation of such jobs in value chains.

SOURCE: RNSF research - Volume 4.2.



2.2.1 Promotion and implementation of decent work. 

2.2.2 Formalising work in IE.

2.2.3 Occupational safety and health (OSH) implementation in IE.

2.2.4 Environment and sustainable management & IE.


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