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2.1.6. Improvement of impact of policy frameworks

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Alessio Lupi16 May 2018

Indicators: Extent to which projects have found policy frameworks in countries to have a supportive impact on their beneficiaries. Reasons for extent to which frameworks have had positive and/or negative impact identified.

Data Analysis Methods: Systems analysis approach to determine contextual elements influencing effectiveness.


1. Ensure that project/programmes are well aligned with countries’ development priorities as opposed to those of the donors.  Advocate to ensure that national policy-makers are in full support of the relevant social protection initiatives.

ReferenceDecent work results of ILO employment promotion interventions: lessons learned from evaluations, 2003-2013


2. Promote institutionalisation of specific youth employment policy activities to ensure impact.

ReferenceOkumura, Yuka, 2013, Improving decent work opportunities for youth through knowledge and action (Work4Youth)


3. Advocate to increase expenditures on research/data collection to inform investments that will affect strengthening of rural enterprise management in subjects such as transport, storage facilities, marketing of farm and non-farm products/services, distribution of seeds, etc.



SOURCE: RNSF research - Volume 4.2


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