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GOOD PRACTICE - Theatre and community radio; powerful tools of social change. OXFAM IT, Haiti


Good Practice - Theatre and community radio; powerful tools of social change. The promotion and use of popular theatre and community radios as a means of raising awareness, building self-esteem and advocacy


Brief summary

Awareness of the community through 25 theatre sessions per zone and broadcast by community radios on the rights and duties of citizens and the main basic social services.

The representatives of the reinforced groups in the consultation space created in activity 3.4 will be trained on methodologies for disseminating themes related to citizens' rights and duties and basic social services.

Practical training sessions on the implementation of community theatre shows were organized to sensitize the population in a fun and incisive way at the same time. For this purpose, there are 5 meetings per zone (15 training sessions) in the 4th and 5th semester, for 5 participants in each intervention area. Based on the content of the training courses, theatrical shows are realized with a strong community involvement, prepared through 20 meetings per zone of intervention.


Key Areas of Good Practice:

  • Advocacy Methods (1.2)
  • Leadership training, empowerment training (3.4)
  • Knowledge of rights, laws and regulations (3.1)
  • Support to improve Occupational Safety and Health among informal economy workers (2.3)
  • Community-based social protection (4.4)
  • Enabling especially vulnerable groups on economic empowerment (women, people with disabilities, affected by HIV, youth, refugees, migrants, minority groups, etc.) (4.6 – 4.7 – 4.8 – 4.9 – 4.11)



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17 October 2018

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