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GOOD PRACTICE - Comprehensive socio-economic development in rural Mongolia

RESEARCH QUESTION: 4-Innovative approaches to enhance livelihoods, equity and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy.

SUB-TOPICS (Research matrix): Social inclusion promotion (awareness raising on social inclusion in IE) (4.3)


RESUME OF GOOD PRACTICES: This Action sought to empower and motivate the extremely poor and unemployed through seasonal work, vocational training and being part of the small business startup groups thereby seeking to increase their resilience and reduce reliance on materials aid. Another key aspect was the importance of volunteer selection, a solid training
programme and continuous investment in volunteers’ capacity. According to the evaluation of the Action, its main contribution to the field of social care was that it had successfully demonstrated an effective model for community based social care services by volunteers by delivering tailor-made services to the target groups, something that cannot be offered by the Government.

PROJECT NAME: Comprehensive socio-economic development in rural Mongolia

YEAR: 2012 - 2015

FUNDING AGENCY: European Commission

IMPLEMENTING AGENCY: Finnish Red Cross, Mongolian Red Cross Society

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1 August 2018

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