This Guidance for identification and formulation has been developed by DEVCO Unit 04 – “Evaluation and Results” jointly with DEVCO Thematic Units. 

It is addressed to all colleagues involved in the preparation of Action Documents (ADs) and project documents and offers guidance to build strong logical frameworks (identifying SMART results and measurable indicators) in line with DEVCO priorities. Its main objective is to enhance the quality of DEVCO interventions – both in terms of design as well as of monitoring and reporting in the course of implementation.

According to the OECD DAC terminology, the term of results covers the outputs, outcomes and impact of a development intervention. These three levels of results can be represented in a chain that is reflected in the structure of the Logical Framework Matrix (Impact - Overall Objective, Outcomes - Specific Objective/s, and Outputs).

The methodological approach used to develop this guidance is presented here

Operational Managers involved in the preparation of ADs and project documents can use this guidance to develop Logical Framework Matrix at project/ programme level and accompanying narratives of the intervention logic (Section 4.3 of the AD). 

This guidance should support them to identify the main results (with corresponding indicators) that EU development interventions are expected to achieve in the sector of interest, mainly in terms of Impact - Overall Objective and Outcomes - Specific Objectives, and will also provide examples of relevant outputs.

For each sector (a) a result chain diagram and (b) a list of associated indicators are presented.

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