Resilience Building in Ethiopia (RESET)

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EU resilience building workshop

26 June 2014, 8:00 to 27 June 2014, 17:00

The EC resilience building program in Ethiopia is an innovative initiative that brings together at operational level ECHO and the EU Delegation. The strategy consists of an integrated approach where different partners - working in close coordination - implement a multi-sectoral resilience program together with the local authorities. Both parts of the EC finance humanitarian and development activities in the same areas, with a geographical focus (clusters) and following a multi-sectoral approach using nutrition and food insecurity as entry point.  Different financing tools are used: ECHO HIP, SHARE, 11th EDF.

ECHO and the EU Delegation in ETH believe that the approach in place in Ethiopia provides a concrete and operational solution to the concept of resilience building, which otherwise often stays at "philosophical" level. Now that both financing tools (HIP and SHARE) are contributing, it is urgent that the whole concept is consolidated and improved. For this reason, ECHO-Ethiopia and the EU Delegation would like to organise a two days workshop to discuss, at technical and strategic level, the ECHO-DEVCO approach in Ethiopia and the working modalities of the cluster working groups. The objective of the workshop will be to improve common understanding on enhancing resilience in Ethiopia and to draw implications for implementation at 'resilience cluster' level"



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