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EU Resilience Building programme in Ethiopia (RESET) Strategic Options Paper by Ethiopian Development Research Institute (2017)

In order to support the ongoing RESET programme implemented by more than 25 NGOs and in close collaboration with the local and regional authorities, the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia requested the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) to undertake an in-depth analysis of the economic, environmental, nutritional and livelihood situation in the 8 geographical areas where the programme is taking place since 2013.

After a long process of consultation and validation with partners and stakeholders EDRI has produced the present report with updated information on demographics, access to basic services and infrastructures, drivers and constrains for crop and livestock production, etc. for those vulnerable areas of intervention.

Based on that information and in close collaboration with local authorities, communities, implementing partners and the EU, EDRI also has produced the present strategy to address the challenges presented.

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Luis Lechiguero
14 August 2017

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