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Back to the Roots: SSR and Development

Re: the latest DCAF book on the subject title - 

Last month I attended a presentation of DCAF’s new book Back to Roots: Security Sector Reform and Development  by Albrecht Schnabel et al . Having mostly worked at the coalface of SSR, I was buoyed by this book’s leap into some of the existential surroundings of SSR. It explores opportunities for strengthening positive reinforcement loops in the SSR-Development nexus and, in my humble opinion, the book is a much needed airing of questions about the vision and direction and methodology of SSR. This is what I got out of the presentation:

SSR and development are mutually beneficial, especially if SSR is rooted in a community-based  assessment of security (human security). The current weak linkage between the two areas seems to be largely born out of a mutual fear of the other. The SSR community fears a dilution of its core product, while the development community sees that SSR activities are largely purely of a technical nature – as per the militarization of SSR in places like Afghanistan; and that it tends to avoid tackling the overarching issue of security sector governance (SSG). This type of 'partial' SSR could be termed "SSR-Light"... for more go to the original blog.

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14 March 2012

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