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Water as a driving force to eradicate extreme poverty

During the keynote session of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2014, Hans Rosling - Professor International Health, Karolinska Institute and Chairman, Gapminder Foundation - delivered a fact-based worldview of humanity, underlying how water and sanitation represent the driving force for development and health.


The link for this video is:


Other videos from Hans Rosling:

Very good but he his missing energy for cooking that is the second biggest issue in terms of poverty reduction impact. Collecting wood is also time consuming and burning wood in house has huge health impacts... Fuelwood represents around 80% of all energy consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa !

For the Hans Rosling fans out there, here is a short video of him from #Davos2015, illustrating the state of world income distribution and inequality with 7 snowballs.. 

great sequence by Hans!

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Veronica Girardi
15 December 2014

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