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Showcasing EU cooperation in the field of sustainable cities - Tunisia

The new European Consensus for Development reaffirms the EU and EU Member States commitment to boost the potential of cities as hubs for sustainable and inclusive growth and innovation, taking account of their wider rural communities and of balanced regional development. They are also committed to promote inclusive sustainable urban development to address urban inequality, focusing on those most in need, including those living in informal settlements and slums.

Indeed, with the relentless dynamics of urbanisation, global challenges including poverty alleviation, climate change and migration will mainly take place in urban locations. At the same time, urban areas are becoming spaces where mixing of cultures, exchange of knowledge, and innovative production is widespread. Well-managed sustainable urban development could offer solutions with the ability to transform global challenges into opportunities. Getting urban policies right holds the key to advancing sustainable development.

This factsheets stories show precisely what EU cooperation has done in that respect, and the tremendous work undertaken by various EU Delegations around the globe to promote the sustainable cities cause. Thanks to these Delegations for the time taken to design and fine tune these case studies.

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Silvia Naveira Campos
14 November 2017

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