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Un Cas Pratique le Transfert de Compétence dans la Gestion de Forets au Sénégal

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Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao17 July 2014



Jesse Ribot is a Professor of Geography at the University of Illionois with appointments in the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP), the Beckman Institute, and is Director of the campus-wide Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy Initiative (SDEP). He is also on the faculty of China Agricultural University in Beijing.

Relevant documents and movies

pdf Dans l'attente de la Démocratie : La Politique des Choix dans la Décentralisation de la Gestion des Ressources Naturelles (1,03 MB)
blog "Semmiñ Ñaari Boor" (Double Bladed Axe) - a Film by Jesse Ribot
blog "Weex Dunx and the Quota: Plucking Local Democracy in Senegal" - a film by Jesse Ribot


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