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Train4dev (2011), Harmonisation, Decentralisation, Local Governance: Identifying strategic options for support (Powerpoint presentation)

This presentation is about the elements that need to be taken into account when designing a support strategy for decentralisation.

Different entry points can be considered, including: central government institutions; regional governments; local governments; local economic actors and private companies; civil society, non-governmental organisations, and associations; as well as supervisory bodies, such as parliaments, audit courts and ombudsmen.

The presentation also indicates the importance of sequencing, in particularly the need to:

  1. Invest in a shared vision on decentralisation
  2. Avoid trying to do too much too quickly
  3. Incorporate the various dimensions (political, administrative, fiscal) throughout the process
  4. Prioritise reforms with the greatest possibility of achieving results in a relatively short period of time
  5. Transfer powers before capacity building
  6. Provide modest funding to be used in a discretionary manner (‘learning by doing’)
  7. Create incentives for improved performance

The presentation also identifies different country typologies, on the basis of their commitment to reform and provides advice on how best to sequence the use of aid modalities and improve alignment and harmonisation.

In general, donors should:

  1. Start up a dialogue with stakeholders without waiting until all DPs commit themselves to alignment and harmonization (A&H)
  2. Evaluate periodically the progress made by DPs toward harmonisation
  3. Require each DP to draw up A&H strategies including coordination between general DLG support and sector programme support
  4. Harmonise support to civil society participating in DLG processes
  5. Try to develop a common technical assistance plan
  6. Establish joint monitoring, evaluation and audit mechanisms

In countries with weak commitment, donors ought to harmonise rather than align.In countries with stronger commitment, the principles from the General Guiding Principles on alignment and harmonisation should be applied.

You can access the full agenda of the training here:

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Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao
27 July 2011

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