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EC advanced seminar DLG 2012_Session 3.2 Budget support in decentralised environments

This presentation by Jorge Rodriguez (DEVCO Unit D2) provides guidance on how to integrate local governments in sector and budget support programmes.  

The first section of the presentation explores the limits and challenges of using budget support in a decentralised environment, pointing in particular to the disconnect with what happens at the local level.  It argues that donors should explore practical ways to apply a mix of aid modalities, that combine support to national policies with specific actions aimed at empowering the local level, helping as a result to increase citizens' demand for better services, feeding policy making and providing evidence for meaningful policy dialogue.  

The second section of the presentation aims at broadening the scope of the debate beyond aid modalities. It provides some guidance of what donors should know about local governments and which will help them to design effective development internentions that rely on local country systems.  

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Herrero Alisa
18 July 2012

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