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ACORDS Programme Management Unit (2007) Documents to submit for a pre-financing request (hydraulics)/Documents a présenter dans un dossier de démande de préfinancement (actions dans le domaine de l’hydraulique)

The ACORDS programme provided direct funding to 267 local authorities in 9 regions of Madagascar during 3 consecutive years through Triennal Action Plans (PAT in French), for a total of 20 M EUR.  This was done through local call for proposals.  These calls for proposals allowed to: (i) select eligible local authorities and (ii) determine the amount and sectors to be financed.  It worked as follows:

Each year, local authorities ought to present a "pre-financing dossier" to the Programme Management Unit (UGP in French).  The UGP checks whether the dossier is complete, its compliance with sector policies, and whether the local population is on board.  The UGP does not check whether the proposed action is relevant or not, as this is the mandate of the local authority. 

Here you will find the documents that a local authority needs to submit in order to qualify for pre-financing in the field of water supply.

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Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao
29 April 2011

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