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6th Annual DeLOG Meeting (2011) GIZ: GTZ Independent Evaluation in the Thematic Priority Area “Decentralization”.

This presentation shares the findings of a 2008 GIZ evaluation on decentralisation based on 14 GIZ projects across the globe. It makes some recommendations for the work of the DeLOG.

The GIZ projects examined were successful because of their multi-level approach, close coordination with partner organisations, focus on capacity development and promotion of CSO intervention. However, the projects suffered from a lack of political economy analysis, the weak resource base of the partners and a lack of capacity among the CSOs. The presentation recommends for the DeLOG to pay more attention to political economy analysis and design an analytical framework for connecting governance standards, the status of the decentralisation process and modes of delivery. Furthermore, it recommends increased “sector decentralisation”.

GIZ delivered this presentation at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Development Partners Working Group on Local Governance and Decentralisation (DeLOG).

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Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao
24 May 2011

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