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  1. Sophie De Coninck shared information from the group GCCA+ Community 12 April 2018
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  2. CIRAD and territorial approaches to development

    Capacity4dev caught up with Elodie Valette, Geographer at the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), to talk about how the work they do applies geographic principles to localised development projects. Most of the territorial development projects CIRAD has been...
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  3. PFM in a fragile context: the case of South Sudan

    This new group explores the lessons-learned from capacity-building on PFM in South Sudan, including findings from the EU Technical Assistance for Sub-national Capacity Building in Payroll and PFM (EUTAPP). - See more at: http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/eutapp
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  4. DISCUSSION - TERRITORIAL APPROACHES TO LOCAL DEVELOPMENT (TALD) - Exploring relevant EU responses in a rapidly changing international environment

    What do we mean by a territorial approach to local development? The May 2013 Communication "Empowering Local Authorities in Partner Countries for enhanced governace and more effective development outcomes" recognizes the comparative advantages of local authorities (LAs) to act as catalysts of a ‘...
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