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Koen Rossel-Cambier posted Information 7 October 2016

I have the pleasure to inform you that the intra-ACP Tradecom II Programme, supported by the ACP SEC and the EU, has published a call for proposals for grants.

Ines Escudero Sanchez posted Information 15 March 2016

On 14 March both the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade gathered in Accra to launch the Ghana Green Label farmer's manual and training. The goal was to help farmers to improve the quality & safety their fruits on the domestic and export

Koen Rossel-Cambier uploaded a new Document 2 March 2016

This brochure aims at summarising the findings of evaluations of three international trade-assistance programmes implemented by the European Commission and the ACP Secretariatover the period 2002-2014:

Marc Mazairac uploaded a new Document 26 August 2015

Le but principal de l’étude est de soutenir l’intégration économique régionale en Afrique en identifiant le rôle et l’influence des organismes du secteur privé dans les développements de l’intégration régionale, en analysant les enseignements tirés du dialogue public-privé (DPP) dans le processus

Marc Mazairac uploaded a new Document 26 August 2015

The overall aim of the study is to support regional economic integration in Africa through the

identification of the role and influence of private sector organizations in such regional integration

Ines Escudero Sanchez posted Information 8 August 2015

European consumers are interested in Botswana products and Botswana businesses are interested in selling on the lucrative EU market.

Ines Escudero Sanchez uploaded a new Document 8 August 2015
6 August 2015 to 28 August 2015
in (Botswana)
Organised byBotswana Export Project - Botswana Investment & Trade Center / Center for Development of the Enterprise

The Botswana Export project supports the implementation of the National
Export Promotion Strategy with 3 main activities: information, training and

The TRADE DAYS are part of the project's training mduleand aim to train local
business on how to export to the EU and SADC markets.

The "HOW TO EXPORT TO THE EU" module started in August with the following

* Introduction on HOW TO EXPORT A PRODUCT TO THE EU in Gaborone on 6 August
* HOW TO EXPORT CLOTHING TO THE EU, in Francistown on 25 August
* HOW TO EXPORT CRAFTS TO THE EU, in Maun on 28 August