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Rosalie Henry de Frahan posted Information 30 April 2019

The 2019 Financing for Development Forum took place in New York from April 15 to April 18.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 23 April 2019

Training rats can save lives?

In 1997, Belgian engineer Bart Weetjens founded APOPO, an NGO that trains African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis.


Capacity4dev Team posted Information 16 April 2019


Capacity4dev Team started a Debate 19 March 2019
CHRISTELLE AMORIN posted Information 7 February 2019

The next Brussels Policy Briefing n. 54 on ''Sustainable agriculture: where are we on SDGs implementation?'' will take place on 27th February 2019 (European Commission, Charlemagne Building, Lord Jenkins room, Rue de la Loi 170, 1040 Brussels).

CHRISTELLE AMORIN posted Information 5 February 2019

Supporting capacity-development of African Farmer’s Organisations through improved Policies, Technologies and Capabilities is a partnership between the Panafrican Farmer’s Organisations (PAFO), AgriCord and CTA. Watch results achieved:

Lebo Mofolo posted Information 13 January 2017

The next Brussels Development Briefing n.47 on the subject of “Regional Trade in Africa: Drivers, Trends and Opportunities” will take place on 3rd February 2017 in Brussels at the ACP Secretariat (Avenue Ge

Koen Rossel-Cambier posted Information 7 October 2016

I have the pleasure to inform you that the intra-ACP Tradecom II Programme, supported by the ACP SEC and the EU, has published a call for proposals for grants.