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Digital-for-Development: Mainstreaming digital technologies and services into EU development policy (EC SWD)

The Commission has published in May 2017 Staff Working Document (SWD) "Digital-for-Development: Mainstreaming digital technologies and services into EU development policy".

"Digital4Development" is a framework for mainstreaming digital technologies and services into development policy, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and guided by a vision that maximises the uptake of digitalisation as a strong driver for economic growth in partner countries, helping to address the key challenges that technological revolution bring.

This new approach should allow enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our interventions related to digital technologies and services in four main priority areas and sets of measures, namely to:

•             promote access to affordable and secure broadband connectivity and to digital infrastructure, including the necessary regulatory reforms;

•             promote digital literacy and skills;

•             foster digital entrepreneurship and job creation; and

•             promote use of digital technologies as an enabler for sustainable development.

Thanks to the mainstreaming of digitalisation into EU development policy, interventions could have a greater transformative potential and could help impact the lives of people by:

•             boosting productivity and job creation.

•             empowering women and girls,

•             enhancing democratic governance and transparency, and

•             enabling other sectors (such as energy, agriculture, governance, education and health) to deliver their full potential

Beyond EU member States, which are already well engaged, it is critical to secure systematic involvement of partner countries, the private sector, civil society, academia, research institutes etc.

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Lionel Wallef
7 September 2017

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