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Podcasts on the European Space Programme

Sentinel-5P (Copernicus)

In this podcast series, we discuss topics relating to the many services offered by the European Space Programme, and how this space data can be useful in international partnerships and development. For this purpose, we invited guests who are active in the field of space to give us an account of their work.

You can listen to and download all of these podcasts on INTPA Academy, the European Commission’s free and public learning platform for development, or by following this link: (registration is possible with private email or EU Login in the case of EU staff).

The topics we have covered can be seen in the episode list below:

  1. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service with Cristina Ananasso
  2. The Copernicus Emergency Management Service with Attilio Gambardella
  3. The Copernicus Land Monitoring Service with Michel Massart
  4. The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring System with Fabienne Jacq
  5. The Copernicus Climate Change Service with Francesca Somma
  6. Galileo GNSS and EGNOS with Vera Pinto
  7. EUMETSAT, Copernicus, and GMES-Africa with Kwame Adu Agyekum, Mark Higgins, and Vincent Gabaglio
  8. El programa espacial europeo en la cooperación internacional y el desarrollo con Luis Cuervo

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