EU Country Roadmaps for engagement with Civil Society - an update

An empowered civil society is a crucial component of any democratic system and is an asset in itself. This belief is at the heart of the September 2012 Communication from the European Commission “The Roots of democracy and sustainable development: Europe’s engagement with Civil Society in external relations”.

To translate this vision into tangible actions, the Communication envisages the elaboration of Roadmaps at country level.

Conceived as a joint initiative between the European Union and Member States, Roadmaps aim to strengthen the strategic engagement with civil society. They provide a common strategic framework for the engagement of EU Delegations and Member States with civil society at country level. In a nutshell, they include: 

* An analysis of the civil society arena

* An assessment of the EU – CSO engagement in the country

* Priorities for EU engagement and corresponding actions

* A dashboard to keep track of the process

Roadmaps target countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Pacific and the Neighbourhood region. Where feasible, Roadmaps will be made available to the public.

Click here to access the public Roadmaps already published. Roadmaps still due will be added as soon as they become available. 

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13 March 2015

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