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People Step Forward: How Human Capital is Leading Development

2 December 2014,
15:00 to 18:30

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Human-capital is the central ingredient that determines whether development interventions are effective and sustainable. This panel will dissect the concept of people-centred development, present the critical components for making this approach work and examine the intrinsic links to human capital.

The panel debate will be moderated by journalist Shirin Wheeler and will include the following speakers:

  • Jim Emerson, VSO Chief Executive
  • Patta Scott-Villiers, Research Fellow at IDS (Participation, Power and Social Change)
  • Liga Andersone, CODEV Counsellore, Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU
  • Pauline KibeInternational Volunteer from Kenya working on Capacity Building in Malawi
  • Marilou C. PantaleonTOPPS President, Education International

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