Leave No One behind - Training presentations and documents

In this folder are collected presentation and useful documents used during the Making sure EU development cooperation leaves no one behind training - 24-26 October 2016.

At this link you can download the following documents:

  • Template EUD examples;
  • Mainstreaming in PPCM: Identification
  • Mainstreaming RBA in PCM: Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mainstreaming RBA in PCM: Policy Dialogue 
  • Mainstreaming RBA in PCM: Formulation 
  • RBA Toolkit
  • Disabilities in the development coopration
  • Overview gender equality in development cooperation
  • Rights-based Approach for sustainable development 
  • EU Committments
  • Mainstreaming in justice programmes (at this link)

Link to the capacity4dev event page

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