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Sarah Simpson posted Information 5 November 2014

Maternity leave: Women's survival vs. family responsibilities in Rwanda

Most women make a choice between their own survival and family responsibilities. This is where the ILO Convention on maternity protection comes in.

Feature | 22 October 2014
Laurence Gillois uploaded a new Document 22 October 2014

The World Survey on the Role of Women in Development is a UN Secretary-General report mandated by the Second Committee of the General Assembly and comes out every five years.

Sarah Simpson posted Information 21 October 2014

Want to know more about what the EU Delegation in Guinea Bissua's gender activities? Read on:

Virginie Ramey uploaded a new Document 9 July 2014

Faits, chiffres et bonnes pratiques dans les pays ACP.


Virginie Ramey uploaded a new Document 9 July 2014

Facts, figures and good practices in ACP countries


Ramon Vila posted Information 1 April 2014

On March 19th 2014, we made an International Seminar on Women's Empowerment in the CSW58 and we supported it with our documentary "The threshold of the Desert".

Sarah Simpson uploaded a new Document 11 March 2014

As 'Inspiring Change' is the theme for this year's International Women's Day, we've pulled together some inspiring gender stories from around the world in this newsletter. 

In this issue:

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