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In the field of health, the main area where serious Gender Equality concerns exist is the sphere of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Most health indicators in SRHR are especially worrying: high maternal mortality, low prevalence of contraceptive use and low percentages of births in the presence of skilled birth attendants. It is crucial to invest in equal health access not only because it constitutes a basic human right, but also because it produces many concrete benefits. These extend from improving the overall health of individuals and families, to promoting economic growth, and contributing to Gender Equality and social inclusion.

2. Practical example of implementation

Fighting HIV transmission in Burkina Faso

3. Articles

Good Practice from Liberia: Women’s Reproductive Health and Economic Empowerment (December 2009)

The Fistula Rehabilitation and Reintegration Project in Liberia is a good practice to enhance women’s reproductive health and economic empowerment.

Women with fistula are often rejected by their husbands, their families and their communities. The Fistula Rehabilitation and Reintegration Center (FRRC) in Liberia treat young women with various types and severity of fistula. The stories of women fistula survivors are stories of deep pain. The FRRC gives them medical treatment, courage and training to start a new life and to return proudly to their communities as ambassadors and role models for those who have not got the opportunity to seek help.

Obstetric fistula, a hole in the vagina or rectum caused by labour that is prolonged without treatment, is one of the most serious injuries of childbearing. Early marriage, violence, female genital mutilation, malnutrition which is linked to underdevelopment of the female body and lack of education/illiteracy also put women at great risk for developing obstetric fistula.

Because the fistula leaves women leaking urine or faeces, or both, it typically results in social isolation, depression and deepening poverty.


This Fistula issue is so pathetic that[Pagba Saha ]Literaly  means Time with Women and Children  introduced a Health Programme on Ghana Television  on Saturdays at 4.30pm Educating Women ,Children  and Youth on Vasaco Vagina Fistula,  Female Genital Mutilation, Maternal Motality,Adolescence Reproductive Health, Teenage Pregnancy and Early Marraige.

It is good we come out with more of the Educational Programmes for the General Public.Tamale Central Hospital has a Fistula Department where the Repair is done  and in Tamale Kanbon nayili Cervical  Cancer Screening is done free for women and the Repair,This is all in the Northern Region of Ghana where  Pagba Saha Time with Women and  goes to organize  the Women and Youth and Record the Educational Programmes in the three Northern Regions of Ghana.

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