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Gender and TVET

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Valentina Pomatto1 December 2010

1. Description

In many partner countries the EC supports the strengthening of the Technical and Vocational Training System, in order to meet new demands for skilled human resources.

Successful TVET system reforms need to address current gender-based inequalities in the economy, and to ensure that both men and women have equal access to new technologies, skills, and opportunities being introduced. This can be better achieved by putting the focus on training for employability, and systematically including a gender perspective. A careful gender analysis of the labour market can prove useful to make TVET systems more efficient and relevant to the demands for flexibility in fast-changing economic scenarios.

2. Practical example of implementation

Sudan: delivering pro-poor vocational training
Khartoum State has seen rapid urbanisation since the 1970s, largely a result of mass rural-to-urban migration of a young population, caused by the combined impact of civil war, desertification and drought.
To support the capacity of Khartoum state to deliver vocational training services, especially to poor people, the UN and EU worked with the state to develop training facilities, ensuring a link between market-oriented skills training and entrepreneurship development. The aim is to generate employment opportunities for young women and men, ex-combatants and internally displaced people. In 2009, four new vocational training centers became operational providing the urban poor with technical and entrepreneurial training in line with market demands. The curricula in these centers has been developed and offered in line with market demand.

3. EU Policy documents on this issue

Briefing Note on Gender and TVET

Council Directive of 9 February  976 on the Implementation of  the Principle of Equal Treatment for Men and Women as Regards Access to Employment, Vocational Training and Promotion, and Working Conditions (76/207/EEC)

Commission Recommendation of 24 November 1987 on vocational Training for Women (87/567/EEC)

4. Articles

ETF delegation and Palestinian ministers discuss vocational education (October 2010)

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