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  1. Study: Working better together with CSOs to address gender inequality and champion women’s and girls’ voices and agency

    "INTPA G1 commissioned a dedicated study in the framework of the Methodological and Knowledge Sharing Programme (MKS) to assist the EU in developing more strategic and comprehensive partnerships with Civil Society Organisations to advance GEWE and promote gender transformative approaches at the...
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    Dior BASSE uploaded a new Document 16 January 2023
  2. Human Rights Based Approach - HRBA Toolbox

    The EU has updated its 2014 Toolbox on the rights based approach (RBA) in line with its commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals and to reducing all forms of inequalities, including gender inequality. The renewed human rights based approach (HRBA) will help make interventions more inclusive...
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  3. Digital4Women: how to enable women empowerment in Africa through mainstreaming digital technologies and services in EU development programmes

    This study aims to identify the key factors and trends regarding gender and digital in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically barriers that are holding back women from accessing the opportunities of digitalisation. This report analyses the trends, policies frameworks and ecosystems as well as challenges...
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