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EU/ACP Publication: Women, actors of development

Facts, figures and good practices in ACP countries


This publication, which forms part of the revised ACP-EU Partnership Agreement (2000), aims to ensure a systematic account of the situation of women and gender issues in all areas of cooperation as well as to promote gender equality. The idea is to have cooperation that «shall help strengthen policies and programmes that improve, ensure and broaden the equal participation of men and women in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life. [...]. In this framework, the «ACP Women, Actors of Development» publication contributes to the achievement of these commitments by highlighting the key role women play across all development sectors in ACP countries.

Thirty outstanding initiatives illustrate the vital role of grassroots organisations in the realisation of women’s rights, and their important contributions to equitable and sustainable human development. The diversity of good practices is remarkable, not only because of the wide scope of sectors covered - ranging from women’s political participation and economic empowerment, health, education, violence against women to migration, urbanisation and natural disaster management and mitigation - but also because of the diversity of organisations working to advance gender equality and women’s rights. While all organisations cited have strong connections with local communities, some operate primarily at the grassroots level while others are active in advocacy and accountability work at national, regional and international levels. They not only provide insights into their achievements, challenges and potential for scaling up and replication, but also demonstrate excellence and ability to communicate their work to a broader audience.

We are confident that the wide dissemination of this publication, ACP Women, Actors of Development, to key development actors in ACP countries and EU partners and the bi-lingual availability in both electronic and printed versions (English/French) will continue to be an invaluable source of knowledge sharing for more inclusive, sustainable and equitable development policies and programmes in ACP-EU development cooperation. For the ACP and its partners, this is a key publication which underlines the importance of investing in women and future generations and an enabling policy environment which responds to the needs and inspirations of women.

Ms Michèle Dominique Raymond

Assistant Secretary General Political Affairs and Human Development Department ACP Secretariat 

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9 July 2014

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