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  1. Welcome to the Public Group on Gender!

    The Public Group on Gender is now active. First of all, thank you for joining the group! We encourage you to participate with your knowledge and expertise: your contribution would be highly beneficial to the group's activities. We are looking forward to exchanging with you very soon on this common...
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  2. gender focal persons group

    Dear members of the public group on gender, just a reminder that who of you is a Gender Focal Point in a EU Delegation is encouraged to also register in the sub-group "Gender Focal Persons" thanks a lot Elena Volpi DEVCO E4
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 1 March 2011
  3. Gender online training for ROM monitors available on Internet

    Starting from May 2011, the online training on gender for EU Result Oriented Monitoring experts is available on Internet at http://romgendercourse.eu/ The training course is accessible at any time, and no passwords or authorizations are required. Even if the primary objective of the course  is to...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 13 May 2011
  4. Notas informativas sobre cuestiones de genero en Español

    Adjuntamos las traducciones españolas de la serie de “ notas informativas sobre cuestiones de género” realizada por la Oficina de EuropeAid de la Comisión Europea. Las notas informativas sobre la igualdad de género incluyen: Descentralización y reforma de la Administración Pública Educación técnica...
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  5. Notas Informativas sobre as questões de Género em Português

    Abaixo anexamos as traduções da série de “ Notas informativas sobre as questões de género” realizadas pela Comissão Europeia (EuropeAid). As notas informativas sobre as questões de género incluem: Descentralização e Reforma da Administração Pública Educação e Formação Técnica profissional (EFTP)...
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  6. Notes d’information sur les questions de genre en Français

    En pièce jointe, les traductions des documents faisant partie de la série « Notes d’information sur les questions de genre » réalisées par la Commissionne Européenne (EuropeAid). Les notes d’information sur l’égalité des genres traitent des thèmes suivants : la décentralisation et la réforme de l’...
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  7. International Women's Day 2012 speeches, notes and statements

    Here follow a selection of messages from relevant institutions and international organizations issued on the occasion of the International Women's Day, celebrated every year on March 8th. Please note that it is not an exhaustive list; feel free to add links or texts to other relevant documents or...
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  8. Documentary: Sexual harassment of women in the Egyptian revolution

    Here below the links to a French documentary on sexual harassment of women in the Egyptian revolution. It is chocking to hear how women are treated, but it also shows that a new revolution in Egypt has started with women who are victims of this harassment: the revolution for women's rights and...
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    The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body established in 2006 within the United Nations system and made up of 47 States responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. With the Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), it reviews regularly human...
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