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  1. ELIF PERLA shared information from the group Education and Development 11 October 2018
    The European Union supports education projects in partner countries to empower women and youth to ensure they live a life of dignity and equality. Watch our new video #EUGirlsWeek
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  2. Gender mainstreaming: The new norm for development agencies

    Thanks in part to awareness campaigns like She is We , gender equality has become a key issue for the development community. This is particularly evident among the national development agencies, as many of them have adopted new rules and behaviours to mainstream gender in their everyday work. T he...
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  3. Former Capacity4dev Member shared information from the group OPSYS 19 July 2018
    As of 17 July pilot delegations can work with OPSYS results and monitoring. The first part of this module will progressively be rolled-out from September to mid-December 2018 across all delegations and HQ units according to the attached document listing all webinars organized for you in French,...
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  4. Capacity4dev Team shared an idea from the group Youth in Development 4 July 2018
    At 15, Agnes dropped out of school, forced by her parents to marry an unemployed 17-year-old who was unable to take care of her. S oon, Agnes became pregnant, but lost the baby after a difficult delivery. Malnourished and physically abused, she persevered, never giving up on the dream of one day...
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  5. Women in transport -- EU platform

    Currently only 22% of transport workers are women. At a recent event in Brussels, Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc met a few of them, as well as employers, academics and policy makers, to discuss what can be done to attract more women to the sector, at a time when technological progress opens up...
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  6. Blerina VILA shared information from the group Informal Economy Support Facility 6 December 2017
    Best Practices and guidelines in advocacy actions supporting informal workers formalization and recognition. The current RNSF regional workshop in Lima is focused on the organization and mobilization of informal worker as a mean to integrate them into formal channels. The formalization of informal...
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  7. Gender Responsive Budgeting: Recent Developments

    Dear colleagues, In the past period, there were several important international GRB events: Korean Women Development Institute (South Korea) organized conference on “Gender budgeting and gender equality: an international comparison” inviting several European and Australian experts. The focus was on...
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  8. Gender Responsive Budgeting: examples of implementation

    Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is a tool that aims at integrating gender perspectives in the revenue and expenditure side of PFM. It is an influential element of managerial activities related to development of budgets of different levels, which provides important information to specialists...
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  9. EDF - ACP: Possible funding for gender analysis and related activities

    In the framework of the EDF support expenditures, the Delegation Service Facility (CRIS 39978) is a programme aiming at supporting EU Delegations in ACP countries to improve the quality of EU external aid and the implementation of the 11th EDF through studies, coaching, trainings, consultancy...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 18 October 2017