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  1. Digital4Women: how to enable women empowerment in Africa through mainstreaming digital technologies and services in EU development programmes.

    As many countries are experiencing a push towards a “digital economy”, the digital skills and literacy gender gaps need to be addressed. Despite significant investments in digital entrepreneurship, there remains a need to focus on job creation and employment opportunities through tech-enabled...
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  2. ELIF PERLA shared information from the group Education and Development 8 September 2020
    The International Literacy Day reminds us the importance of literacy which is an essential prerequisite skill at any age, for future learning, personal growth, and active citizenship. Despite progress made in the last 50 years, literacy challenges persist. A great number of children, youth and...
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  3. The gender impact of coronavirus

    Herewith I share an essay that raises some questions about how the Coronavirus crisis affects women and men differently. It reveals the key role of the care sector, referring to both paid and unpaid care work, and women’s specific roles and risks during the crisis. The article reviews some measures...
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  4. Balance the World! Tactics to help you launch a gender revolution.

    There’s a long way to go for us to live in a gender equal world. Women perform 66% of the work, but only earn around 10% of total income – while owning less than 1% of property. After 10 years of organising TEDx events on gender, Aurélie Salvaire compiled concrete solutions from...
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  5. 2017 Annual Implementation Report of GAP II

    Annual implementation report of the EU Gender Action Plan for 2017 has been approved and is available. https://europa.eu/capacity4dev/public-gender/documents/2017-annual-imple...
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