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Hierarchy engagement with gender mainstreaming

A survey was carried out in January over experiences, perceptions and needs of gender focal persons in Delegations and Brussels. DEVCO B1 facilitated the survey.

One issue, which emerges from the responses to the survey, is the key role of hierarchy for the promotion and the resourcing of GEWE objectives (in the context of programming under their responsibility).

Now you have a chance to complement the information of the survey on this point. Please contribute your experience or ideas on the type of incentives -- positive or otherwise -- which you know would motivate your hierarchy to engage seriously with GEWE objectives and gender mainstreaming work.

E.g. would your hierarchy be motivated more by a negative incentive (having to explain why their programmes have not contributed to gender equality) or by a positive incentive? What reporting procedures; what type of exposure; what forums... can boost the interest of a HoD or HoC in GEWE?

Please send feedback by end of March at the latest. Hopefully this exchange will be of use for several readers of the list!

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Blerina Vila
12 March 2015

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