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IASC Gender in Humanitarian Action

The IASC online course "Different Needs - Equal Opportunities: Increasing Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action for Women, Girls, Boys and Men"

“The IASC online course "Different Needs - Equal Opportunities: Increasing Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action for Women, Girls, Boys and Men" provides the basic steps a humanitarian worker must take to ensure gender equality in programming. IOM was involved in this initiative since the beginning, participating in the development of the modules and in their field testing.
As of 20 August 2011, the attainment of the IASC e-learning course on gender and humanitarian action will be a mandatory requirement for all deployments and participation in external trainings (in the same way as with the UN Security in the Field courses). You are kindly invited to enroll in the course by accessing the website The course is free and its completion takes between 3 and 5 hours.”

Gender Online Training For ROM Monitors

The training course is accessible at any time, and no passwords or authorizations are required. Even if the primary objective of the course _is to engender the Result Oriented Monitoring activities of the EU, we believe it can be of high relevance for anyone _interested in monitoring development programmes from a gender perspective. The course is full of practical examples and includes as well a number of tests to check the trainee's progress.

Gender Responsive Budgeting in Practice: A Training Manual

“This training manual was produced under a UNFPA/UNIFEM strategic partnership aimed at developing a coordinated approach for effective technical assistance to gender-responsive budgeting (GRB). It is intended to build capacity in the application of gender budget analysis. The manual seeks to build understanding of GRB as a tool for promoting gender equity, accountability to women's rights, and efficiency and transparency in budget policies and processes.”

Gender in Value Chains (agriculture) This platform fosters exchange between professionals worldwide. It aims at increasing the gender sensitivity of value chain oriented sustainable rural economic development programme.

Programa Regional de Formación en Género y Políticas Públicas (en español)

This is a training initiative founded also by the EC, and implemented by FLACSO (In Spanish); there are a lot of very good seminars (also supported by UN WOMEN Regional Office), as well as a Master degree.

It is NOT FULLY FREE (some discounts, “becas”, are available).


Gender Equality, UN Coherence and You

Online training tool by Unicef, UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women

UN gender course for non-gender specialists
Online Gender course for all UN Staff now also open to everyone interested. 
It aims at enhancing awareness, knowledge and undersanding on gender equality and women's empowerment for NON-gender specialists. 

You have also a training by the European Commission now publicly available here:

The course provides main strategies and basic tools to effectively promote gender equality in external and development policies. By the end of this course participants will have gained knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the main strategies and approaches to promote gender equality in Development Cooperation
  2. basic tools to unravel and analyze gender relations
  3. basic skills to transform a gender blind approach and pursue a meaningful dialogue on how to implement a gender sensitive approach in development cooperation.

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