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Seminar on Delivering EU Humanitarian and Development Assistance in Fragile/Conflict Situations

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Chloé de Soye1 July 2015

Resilience is often seen as the positive inverse of fragility. It calls for changing the way that development and humanitarian actors work, emphasizing the need for more collaborative and targeted approaches that address the root causes of crises. While this is an imperative recognized by both communities, until recently it has been exception rather than the norm. Fortunately, progress is being made and we are learning what works and where.

DEVCO 07 - Fragility and Resilience Unit and ECHO A4 - Specific Thematic Policies Unit are co-organizing this seminar.

Seminar Objectives

The main objective is to update DEVCO and ECHO practitioners working in/on fragile and crisis-affected countries on recent policy developments, as well as on concepts, principles, approaches, tools and procedures for better addressing fragility and crisis situations with a resilience lens to avoid deterioration and ensure a smoother transition from humanitarian to development. 

A participatory approach  to the seminar will provide a good opportunity to exchange field experiences among staff members from both DEVCO and ECHO, in an attempt to increase the understanding of each other’s’ perspectives and way of operating.

Further information and materials can be found on the event page.

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